About Tat Patch

Holes in jeans are a fashion that goes back to the ‘60’s. Tat Patch is a new take on this fashion staple. Easier than iron-on patches, more comfortable than denim patches, Tat Patch gives your holey jeans a whole new outlook.

Unlike the old iron-on patches, Tat Patches are made from comfortable, flexible, durable sweatshirt fabric. You'll love the way they feel against your skin. Better still, a Tat Patch stops the hole from ripping farther, holds on, and it's easy to apply. No sewing, no ironing. See instructions.

Tat Patches come in all sorts of colors, patterns and artist renditions. Go to our Shop page to see the different designs we offer. We're always adding more, and we're always looking for cool new ideas.

Tat Patch FAQs

Q. What sizes do Tat Patches come in?
A. Tat Patches come in three sizes; Small (6" × 4.5" or 152mm × 114mm), Large (7" × 5.5" or 178mm × 140mm), and Extra Large (8" × 6.5" or 203mmm x 165mm).

Q. What's the "live area" in a Tat Patch?
A. The "live area" is the fabric where your design is, inside the adhesive area. See picture. On a small Tat Patch, the live area measures 5" × 3.5" (127mm × 89mm). The live area of a large patch is 6" × 4.5" (152mm × 114mm), and the live area of an extra large patch is 7" × 5.5" (178mm × 140mm).

Q. Where are Tat Patches made?
A. In the USA.

Q: Where can I buy Tat Patches?
A: Purchase Tat Patches online, or soon at specialty retailers all over the place.

Q: Can I put Tat Patches on garments other than blue jeans?
A: Yes. Tat Patches work on the latest designer jeans, distressed jeans, ripped jeans, destroyed jeans, vintage clothing, tattoo clothing, alternative clothing, and custom denim.
But Tat Patches also work on shirts, jackets, khaki’s…any item of clothing that has a hole in it. I put a Tat Patch on the armrest of my car. It's very comfortable.

Q. Are there any types of clothing that Tat Patches won’t work on?
A. Yes. We don’t recommend using them on “stretch” jean fabric…especially at the knee. The stretch in the fabric tends to cause the patches to slip, breaking the adhesive bond.

Q. How do I make custom patches for my high school, college or business?
A. A. Just drop us a line at info@thetatpatch.com and we will help you custom design your own Tat Patches.

Q. Does Tat Patch offer licensed patches from the NFL, MLB, NBA, NASCAR, etc?
A. No, not yet. We are actively pursuing license arrangements to expand our line.

Q. Does Tat Patch also make patches to lay on top of clothes?
A. Not yet. Our next line of patches (coming soon) will offer the same no-iron, no-sew adhesive on our comfortable, flexible fabric. The new Tat Patch will bring a new look to the top side of your jeans, shirts or other garments. You can cover holes, or express your wild side on shirts, hats, pants, etc. The new Tat Patches will feature adhesive just on the outside of the patch…not the middle. Why? Because nobody wants adhesive sticking to their skin through the hole.

Q: I’ve heard of a brand of patches called "Peek a Patch." Are they a competitor of yours?
A: No. We also own "Peek-A-Patch." They’re the same as Tat Patches; just styled for a younger audience. You can find Peek-A-Patch at www.peekapatch.com, and soon at retail locations where kids’ clothes are sold. A lot of Mom’s with kids buy Peek-A-Patches for their children.

Q: What kind of adhesive do you use?
A: A: Our special adhesive bonds fabric to fabric. Once you put your garment in the dryer (at high heat) the patch should stay in place through many, many washings. The adhesive requires no ironing at all.

Q. What material are Tat Patches made of?
A. Tat Patches are made of durable, flexible sweatshirt fabric, mainly cotton.

Q. How did you come up with this idea?
A. My kids saw people on the street in NYC wearing pajamas, lace and other cool materials under their holey jeans. Together we made the very first "peek-a-patch," and the brand was born (the first one was sewn).

Q. How do you apply a Tat Patch?

Instructions for applying your Tat Patch